“Didi Is Lying…”: Amit Shah, At Bengal Rally, Explains Citizenship Law


Home Minister Amit Shah today launched a frontal charge at West Bengal Mamata Banerjee over what he claimed was her “vote bank politics” linked to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Campaigning for the BJP’s Bongaon candidate Shantanu Thakur, Mr Shah said Ms Banerjee will not be able to stop the implementation of the CAA as the matter lies in the hands of the central government.

The CAA will help minorities from three neighbouring Islamic nations fast-track their Indian citizenship process if they fled due to religious persecution.

“Didi is lying. No one will face any problem (due to CAA). Everyone will get citizenship. This is PM Modi’s guarantee,” Mr Shah said at a rally in Bongaon. “Didi only practices vote bank politics. She makes infiltrators citizens illegally,” he said.

The CAA is expected to be the biggest election issue in Bongaon.

“We will have to stop illegal immigration,” Mr Shah said.

#WATCH | West Bengal: Addressing a public meeting in Bangaon, Union Home Minister Amit Shah says, says, “4 phases of polling have been completed. Elections for 380 seats have been completed. Elections for 18 seats in Bengal have been completed. Today I tell you that out of 380,… pic.twitter.com/kTiao6NufC

— ANI (@ANI) May 14, 2024

Of the 380 seats including 18 in West Bengal that voted in the four of the seven-phase elections, Mr Shah said PM Modi has achieved absolute majority by making the BJP win 270 seats. “The fight ahead is to cross 400,” he added.

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