To Avoid Payment, Speeding Car Runs Over Worker At UP Toll Booth


To avoid paying toll tax, a car driver in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur ran over a toll worker while speeding through a toll booth on the Delhi-Lucknow highway, police said on Friday.

The horrific incident was captured on the CCTV camera of the toll booth in Chhijarsi late Thursday night.

The video show the toll worker walking across the vehicle lane when the speeding car zooms in and hits him from the behind. Due to the high speed of the vehicle, the toll worker is tossed in the air and lands on the car’s bonnet as it races through the toll booth. 

The man was trampled by the car after it ran through the toll booth, officials said.

The toll worker was rushed to a nearby hospital but his condition remains critical.

Police have started an investigation in the case and are looking for the car’s driver.

NDTV News-India-news 



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