UDM wants all parties in Parly to be included in proposed GNU

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UDM President, Bantu Holomisa, have requested the Chief Justice to call a meeting with all political parties represented in parliament. This as the ANC announced its intention to move forward with a Government of National Unity.

He says this announcement has significant implications for the future governance and the direction of our country.

Holomisa says the ANC needs to outline its proposal before all parties in parliament.

“People must not forget that plus minus 9 million people, voters, have said no to the current state of affairs. Therefore, the ANC, at least, should have had the courtesy to call everyone. We did write to the Chief Justice and his office has acknowledged receipt. And we are still waiting for a formal response,” says Holomisa.

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has urged politicians to consider the poor as they reflect on what type of government they want.

Several political parties such a DA and EFF rejected this proposal.

SACC President Archbishop ThaboMakgoba says, “Equally to say to them as they do that, as faith communities or as the churches, we know that there are certain values that are very critical, values of inclusivity, values that ensures that the poorest of the poor are not in the margins and ignored, and the values of peace and stability, and the flourishing of all South Africans.”

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Political analyst Levy Ndou says the ANC appears to be indecisive on which parties to enter into a coalition with. This follows the party’s announcement that it would seek to form a Government of National Unity with a group of opposition parties.

Consultative talks to set up the seventh administration under the proposal have continued this weekend.

The DA is among the parties that have expressed support for the proposal. This is despite ideological differences between the DA and the ANC.

Ndou says parties should set aside their differences and move forward with the proposal.

“The reference to the 1994 maybe would be to adopt ways in which they are able to agree on a number of issues and you recall that in the 1994 arrangement. They have to adopt the principle of sufficient consensus because at that time they had to avoid going into a vote because they knew that when MPs vote on particular issues that has a potential to further divide the nation. So, I think those are the kind of routes that they might adopt in order to move forward with this GNU,” he says.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Anele Mda has called on the ANC to consult South Africans on its proposal. She addressed the media in Johannesburg yesterday.

“If this is honest and is genuinely about South Africans, the President of the country right now, President Ramaphosa must invite the people of South Africa to make contributions to the principles that must define what are the pillars that this government of national unity must be built on. If he does so, we will know that this is not another political gimmick for political parties to position itself. There are political parties that have pronounced themselves what ministry they see themselves leading, how selfish can you be?”

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