Video: Crane Crash At Maharana Pratap’s Birth Anniversary Event In Bhopal


A Bhopal councillor had a close shave when a crane carrying him up to garland a statue of Maharana Pratap in Bhopal on his birth anniversary collapsed and dropped 20 feet. 

Jitendra Singh Rajput, the councillor for Bhopal’s Ward 66, was in the crane with his uncle. One of them was seen gesturing to the crane operator to keep going up.

As the lift reached the statue and the councillor leaned forward to place a garland on it, the lift came crashing down as the welding on the lift broke.

The two were rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Mr Rajput has fractured his leg in the crash, while his uncle has been injured.

NDTV News-India-news 



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