According to Iranian Minister of Health country’s healthcare system reaches new level



Iranian Minister of Health Bahram Ainullahi: country’s healthcare system reaches new level

Bahram Ainullahi stated that the country’s healthcare system is the best in the region

Bahram Ainullahi mentioned the importance of higher education institutions and the need for a strong cultural bond to support Iran’s health sector’s younger generation of scientists and scientific elite. This was reported by
IRNA, a partner of TV BRICS.

The health minister emphasised that among the most crucial priority concerns in leadership representation at the Ministry of Health headquarters are achieving leadership alignments, starting a conversation and connecting the health system with seminaries.

The head of the organisation that represents the Supreme Leader Representation in Universities expressed the hope that the opening of the office of the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Ministry of Health’s headquarters will be a blessing, result in significant advancements in the field of health, and improve coherence and coordination in communication between this organisation, the Ministry of Health, and the nation’s medical science universities.

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution recently passed a resolution authorising the establishment of the Supreme Leader’s representative body at the Ministry of Health’s headquarters.

The directors of the Supreme Leader’s representative body at universities, the Minister of Health’s deputies and advisors, as well as a number of general managers and employees, attended the ceremony.





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