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DepiMedia™ invites all imaginative and talented writers who are not hesitant to voice an opinion but diligent to support those opinions with firm, fair, and rational argumentation to write for us. Opinion pieces, new ideas, essays, policy analysis, op-eds, book reviews are all welcome.

Research should be rigorous, writing intellectual but accessible, and topics must clearly have impact on the global community. Commentaries should run between 1000-1500 words while longer substantive analytical pieces can run to 3500 words. Unsolicited articles are welcome but potential ideas can also be submitted to the editor-in-chief.

By submitting an article for publication we assume that your article/review has neither been previously published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Articles must be spell-checked and proofread for grammatical errors prior to submitting.

Submitting your articles to DepiMedia™ does not entitle you to any kind of remuneration.