My India by ANI TV

My India by ANI

My India by ANI is a series of episodes published weekly, showcasing various sectors of India. ANI is a partner of TV BRICS and DepiMedia.

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Magadan Silver by TV BRICS

Magadan Silver

DepiMedia™Aug 16, 2023651 min read

The biggest silver deposit in Russia and the third biggest in the world is located in the Magadan region. Get acquainted with those who work in this region on a rotational basis. In a special episode, they tell us about themselves, their work, and their romance with the Extreme North.…

Gold Part 1 by TV BRICS

Gold Part 1

DepiMedia™Aug 15, 2023981 min read

In this area, you can move around only on off-road vehicles, and it is okay to send New Year’s greetings to each other from mid-October. The majestic Far Eastern Taiga – nature that leaves you speechless, hundreds of kilometres of dirt roads and fragrant fresh air. There is no internet and no…

Gold Part 2: More Precious Than Gold by TV BRICS

Gold Part 2: More Precious Than Gold

DepiMedia™Aug 16, 2023331 min read

The sun shines so brightly here even in winter that you can get a tan. Stunning blue sky, sugar-white snow and “marshmallow” hills. In the 1970s, a gold deposit was discovered in the Okhotsk district of Khabarovsk Krai. Its exploration and development began…

Dostoevsky Intercontinental by TV BRICS

Dostoevsky Intercontinental

DepiMedia™Aug 10, 2023681 min read

“Dostoevsky Intercontinental”is a film by TV BRICS joint editorial office which is intended to show the relevance of the classic’s figure, his work and his philosophical heritage for the international community, as well as to draw the audience’s attention to the national accents in interpretation of his philosophy in India, Brazil, South Africa, China and…

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