Advertising mining indaba special

Terms & Conditions 1. The Parties: This proposal is between DepiMedia™ and the Client. 2. Project Details: DepiMedia™ will provide advertising services as stated in the scope of work for the Client. If this Proposal is approved, DepiMedia™ will start working on the project immediately. 3. Amount: The cost of the service will be as per the chosen option above. The Client will deposit the total amount upon signing of the agreement into the DepiMedia™ bank account. The client is responsible for bank charges. 4. Confidentiality: Both parties agree that the information herein and other supporting documents are confidential and non-disclosable. 5. Term & Termination: This Proposal is only valid for two weeks after the date of receipt. 6. Objectives & Timeline: The client will create the publication materials (PUBMATS), example articles, and video reports and email them to us in Word format or video format. We will design and set out the layout of the publication accordingly before publishing it on the client's behalf.
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