Almost 1 million international travellers chose Brazil as a tourist destination in January



Nearly 1 million international travellers choose Brazil as a tourist destination in January

The choice is driven by the desire for sun and beach tourism

Brazil’s Tourism Minister Celso Sabino said that the country has excellent opportunities to increase the flow of tourists this year:

“We have excellent prospects to increase the number of foreigners in Brazil this year. We will host the G20 Leaders’ Meeting, we have started preparations for COP30, and we have a UNWTO office in Rio de Janeiro. We will continue to work to improve Brazil’s image at major international events. Through these joint actions, we will continue to strive to reach the goal of 10 million foreigners in four years,” said Tourism Minister Celso Sabino.

In terms of the main number of tourists, Paraguay showed an increase of 22.9 per cent, consolidating its position as the second largest source of tourists to Brazil in January 2024. Chile ranked third with an impressive 47.8 per cent growth in tourist arrivals, consolidating its position as the third largest source market and returning to pre-pandemic levels. This is reported by
Brasil 247, a partner of TV BRICS.

The report also shows that other Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela contributed to the overall growth in international tourist arrivals to Brazil.





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