Argentina can resume copper exports in 2026



Argentina can resume copper exports in 2026

The country could reach sales of US$10 billion by 2030, becoming one of the world’s top ten players

Argentina could resume copper exports in 2026 and by 2030, with exports of USD 10 billion, become one of the top ten global players, according to an analysis by the Rosario Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario). This is reported by
Extra!, a partner of TV BRICS.

The report emphasises that “in a world rapidly moving towards electrification and electromobility, copper is becoming a strategic mineral of increasing importance”.

“This plan offers a unique opportunity for a country that has enormous but not yet fully utilised potential,” the BCR report said.

Global demand for copper is growing rapidly, largely due to its important role in green technologies such as electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Chile and Peru currently lead the world in copper production and exports, accounting for more than a third of global production and more than half of global exports.

In this environment, Argentina is strategically positioned.

According to official figures, Argentina will resume copper exports in 2026 with an initial forecast of US$814 million.





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