Argentina will use artificial intelligence in the field of art



Argentina will use artificial intelligence in the field of art

How does the artificial intelligence model work?

Artificial Intelligence is a topic on everyone’s lips today, but few people go deep into it and understand the full range of AI capabilities. Julian Santoro, a creative technologist from Argentina, set out to use AI in the field of art and created a system called Auratura that combines artificial intelligence and creativity, as reported by
BRICS Lat, a partner of TV BRICS.

“It’s quite difficult to explain in one term what I do. In Europe and the US they say ‘creative technologist’, which means a person who uses technology to find solutions, in my case artistic solutions,” notes Julian Santoro.

Lately, he has been focusing on art installations, “audio-reactive visual systems that are often used by artists in performances.”

The system created by Santoro takes an audio signal, converts it into numerical values, from which a new, unique poem is generated. Another programme then creates a voice that reads this poem. The novelty is that the whole process takes place in real time.

Julian Santoro is currently on a European tour, where he is presenting his project and making art installations. He has already travelled to Spain and Greece, and Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK are on the way. It may be possible to expand the programme to St. Petersburg and even China.





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