‘Biden to Modi’s face’: Jairam Ramesh attacks PM over US Prez’s Vietnam speech

‘Biden to Modi’s face’: Jairam Ramesh attacks PM over US President’s Vietnam speech

Sep 11, 2023 10:22 AM IST

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The Congress leader doubled down on his claim that Biden’s team was allegedly not allowed to conduct a presser in India after meeting with PM Modi.

Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh taken a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over US President Joe Biden’s recent press briefing during his brief visit to Vietnam post his tour to India for G20 Summit. There, Biden talked about about respecting human rights, role of civil society and free press.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh. (PTI)(HT_PRINT)

Taking a jibe at this, Ramesh reiterated that the US President’s team was allegedly not allowed to interact with the media or take questions after the bilateral meeting with PM Modi.

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“Mr Modi saying to Mr Biden — “Na Press Conference karunga, Na karne doonga (won’t hold a press conference, won’t let you hold one) has had no impact,” the Congress MP wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Earlier, Biden briefed about the bilateral meeting he had with PM Modi during a presser in Vietnam. He said, “I raised the importance of respecting human rights, the vital role of civil society, and a free press and building a strong and prosperous country with Mr Modi. We got a lot of important work done.”

“Mr Biden is saying the same things in Vietnam which he said to Mr Modi’s face in India — on respecting human rights, the role of civil society and the free press,” Ramesh said.

The Congress leader had earlier similar claims and alleged that Biden’s team was not allowed to hold a press conference ‘despite multiple requests’.

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“President Biden’s team says despite multiple requests India has not allowed media to ask questions of him and Prime Minister Modi after their bilateral meeting. President Biden will now take questions in Vietnam on Sept 11th from the media accompanying him. Not surprising at all. This is how democracy is done Modi-style!” he wrote on X earlier.

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