Brazil approves G20 paper on digital economy



Brazil approves G20 paper on digital economy

Group discusses government digital infrastructure

G20 member countries approved a paper on the digital economy on Saturday, 19 August, in India. During the group’s annual meeting, the topics of public digital infrastructure, security in the digital economy and digital skills have been agreed.

Brazil was represented by Minister of Communications Juscelino Filho. The Minister outlined the measures taken by the country in the priority areas identified by the group, such as Pix and digital identity to access digital services provided on Gov Portal, a platform that reaches 150 million people and offers various electronic public services.

The minister also cited the federal government’s efforts to connect 140,000 public schools across the country to the internet.

“The qualification of teachers and the provision of specific teaching materials on digital platforms are the subject of coordinated efforts by the government,” he said.

The annual G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting has been organised since 2017. This year, India is chairing the meeting, as reported by
Brasil 247, a partner of TV BRICS.





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