Brazil publishes 2023 tourism balance document and makes plans for 2024



Brazil publishes 2023 tourism balance document and makes plans for 2024

A meeting of the State Tourism Board was held on Wednesday

The announcement took place on Wednesday morning during a meeting of the State Tourism Council, attended by more than 50 public and private institutions. This is reported by
Toda Palavra, a partner of TV BRICS.

On this occasion, the achievement of the 1 million mark of foreign tourists passing through Rio this year was widely celebrated. This figure consolidates the recovery of the sector and approaches the 2019 figures.

Secretary of State for Tourism Gustavo Tutuca, emphasised that Rio de Janeiro has once again become an arena for major events and presented plans for 2024.

“We have a lot to be happy about at the end of 2023, but it gives us a mission and a huge responsibility to be even more successful in 2024. For several months now, we have been strategically planning for next year, taking into account all technical aspects. We will continue to strengthen the state’s 12 tourism regions and make progress in promoting Rio de Janeiro as a tourist destination in the domestic and international markets,” Tutuca said.

The G20 will “kick off” in January

Also at the event, it was released a preview of the calendar of G20 meetings in Rio throughout the year. The first of these, a meeting of foreign ministers, is scheduled for January.

In July, the state will host working groups on tourism, education, development, disaster risk reduction, hunger and poverty alleviation and other G20 meetings.

In September, work will focus on initiatives on bioeconomy, global mobilisation against climate change and infrastructure. October is the time to discuss climate and environmental sustainability. A working group on health is also on the agenda.

Rio de Janeiro will host two summits in November: the Social Summit and the G20 Heads of State Summit.





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