Brazilian municipality is declared capital of marine sports



Brazilian municipality is declared capital of marine sports

Law 10.309/24, authored by state MP Vitor Junior (PDT), was approved by Rio State Governor Claudio Castro

The parliamentarian emphasises that this is another important incentive for a city that has a tradition and vocation for sports, especially maritime sports.

Vitor Junior also emphasises that Niteroi has a beautiful waterfront that connects Guanabara Bay to the ocean, which has contributed to sports such as sailing, Hawaiian canoeing, surfing, triathlon and swimming gaining more fans on the city’s beaches. This is reported by
Toda Palavra, a partner of TV BRICS.

“Niteroi’s athletes include Olympic medallists in sailing, it is a benchmark in surfing and bodyboarding with world-renowned names, and it has the largest number of Hawaiian canoe clubs in the country, hosting state, national and international competitions. Not to mention its natural calling, with beaches and landscapes that inspire these and other sports. And we must never forget the power of sport as a tool for social inclusion and health promotion, as well as its role in tourism development and job creation,” he said.

The Municipal Secretary for Sports of Niteroi, Luis Carlos Gallo, rejoicing at the title he received, spoke of the importance of this recognition for the city.

“Nothing could be fairer than the proclamation of Niteroi as the capital of maritime sports. They have already become a tradition in our city. We had sailing with our Olympic stars, and now we have hundreds of people in Hawaiian canoes who are already competing in several Brazilian states,” emphasises the secretary.





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