BRICS Grand Skate Tour extreme sports festival to be held in Russia



BRICS Grand Skate Tour extreme sports festival to be held in Russia

Anyone can become a guest of the event

From 6 to 9 June Nizhny Novgorod will host the BRICS Skate Cup by Grand Skate Tour – a skateboarding competition among professional athletes from BRICS countries. TV BRICS is the international media partner of the event.

Nizhny Novgorod has been attracting the attention of skateboarding and roller sports fans from all over the world for the fifth year in a row. In 2019, the first ever continental championship under the auspices of the International World Skate Federation was held here, and in 2021 the format of the Grand Skate Tour festival, which has become famous abroad, appeared.

Ilya Vdovin, President of the Russian Skateboarding Federation, emphasised: “In light of the growing influence and expanding geography of the BRICS association, our team has developed a new format for a sports festival called the BRICS Skate Cup”.

This year’s Grand Skate Tour in Nizhny Novgorod will bring together participants from more than 20 countries, including Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, South Africa, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe.

Finalist of the 2022 World Skateboarding Championships and two-time winner of the 2022 and 2023 Grand Skate Tour Matias Dell Olio from Argentina said, “For me, Grand Skate Tour is more than just a competition; it’s the best opportunity for everyone to unite through skateboarding.”

In 2023, the Grand Skate Tour became the largest sporting event in Russia in terms of geography of participants, bringing together representatives from 41 countries in Moscow.

Photo: BRICS Skate Cup by Grand Skate Tour/ Augusto Akio




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