BRICS Media Forum starts its 6th meeting in Johannesburg

More than 150 guests of honour are expected to participate in the 6th meeting.

The BRICS Media Forum has opened in Johannesburg ahead of the BRICS Summit which will be held from 22-24 August. The meeting will last three days – from 18 to 20 August. The theme of this year’s forum is “BRICS and Africa: Strengthening Media Dialogue for a Shared & Unbiased Future”.

Participants will have deep and meaningful discussions on an array of important topics, including “Championing Justice to Shape New International Order,” “Strengthening Exchanges to Invigorate Africa’s Growth,” and “Fostering Innovation to Drive Green Development.”

Guests of honour at the forum include senior government officials, representatives of leading media outlets from BRICS nations, representatives of major media organizations from other emerging market and developing countries, entrepreneurs and experts.

Fu Hua, Executive Chairman of the BRICS Media Forum and President of Xinhua News Agency said economic integration is a process that everyone must go through, helping each other to arrive at a new civilisation. 

“Our strength lies in our differences. We can strengthen cooperation by sharing experiences in all directions. We must work even harder together now to see BRICS succeed even more,” said Fu.

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Media and Telecommunications Monica Mutsvangwa said, “By adopting the thesis that we share a common political soul that shapes the values of economic integration, BRICS is creating a benchmark for a common economic future.”

Dakota Legoete, a South African politician and member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress (ANC), said in her remarks, “Since its inception in 2015, the Forum has become an important platform that promotes friendship, cooperation and fosters mutual trust among the peoples of the BRICS countries. 

The BRICS Media Forum is organised by China’s Xinhua News Agency. TV BRICS International Media Network is also taking part in the forum.


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