BRICS tourism ministers meet in Cape Town



BRICS tourism ministers meet in Cape Town

The number of tourists to Russia is expected to increase

Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov at the meeting of tourism ministers of BRICS countries reported on the expected increase in the flow of tourists from BRICS countries to Russia, as reported by

In order to develop the sphere, attention was drawn to various types of tourism, such as ski resorts, water parks, cultural and rural tourism.

In order to attract more tourists from BRICS countries to Russia, a special programme has been developed, which provides for the construction of modular hotels and the provision of soft loans for the construction of hotels. In the near future it is planned to commission more than 30 thousand rooms.

Maxim Reshetnikov expressed confidence that the measures taken will help to significantly increase the number of tourists from BRICS countries and reach the mark of more than 2 million trips next year.

At the moment in Russia there are more than 300 hotels with five-star status, 2 thousand hotels with four-star status and 5 thousand hotels with three-star status. In addition, there is a Centre of Competence in International Tourism in St. Petersburg, which trains highly qualified specialists and develops new support measures for partners.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development believes that the five countries should create convenient connecting flights, as this will serve to improve tourist mobility.

During the meeting in Cape Town, Reshetnikov emphasised the main priorities in the tourism sector for Russia’s upcoming BRICS presidency. These include the development of a unified tourism product, a strategy to promote Russia’s tourism potential within BRICS, harmonisation of standards for the tourism sector and the development of joint digital solutions.

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