China awards highest sci-tech award to scientists



China awards highest sci-tech award to scientists

The nation increases its understanding of quantum physics and remote sensing

China’s highest sci-tech award for 2023 has been given to condensed matter physicist Xue Qikun and photogrammetry and remote sensing specialist Li Deren. This is reported by
China Daily, a partner of TV BRICS.

In order to support China’s high-precision, high-resolution Earth observation system, Li Deren oversaw the development of a team that created a fully automatic, high-precision on-board and ground-based measurement system and resolved issues with the high-precision processing of satellite remote sensing images.

Xue Qikun is a physicist who specialises in condensed matter physics and has made many scientific achievements. His group made the first experimental discovery of the quantum anomalous Hall effect.

Additionally, in a heterostructured system, they found improved high-temperature superconductivity at the interface, which led to the discovery of a new line of inquiry into high-temperature superconductivity.





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