China City’s garment industry experiences technology boom



China City’s garment industry experiences technology boom

Apparel companies are adopting modern technology to boost productivity and move towards higher value-added products

The city of Wenzhou, known for supplying Chinese customers with 90 per cent of high-quality bespoke business suits, recently unveiled a plan to become China’s “bespoke apparel capital” with global influence by 2035. This is reported by
CCTV+, a partner of TV BRICS.

The introduction of smart devices in garment workshops has revolutionised production processes, while automated fabric cutting machines have quadrupled efficiency. Customers from all over the world benefit from this technology, as sizing information stored in QR codes allows for quick and accurate ordering.

Digital technology has optimised the entire production chain, from design and pattern development to cutting, sewing and ironing. The introduction of artificial intelligence applications further enhances customer service and optimises design and marketing strategies in the apparel industry.





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