China intends to carry out about 100 space launches



China intends to carry out about 100 space launches

In 2023, their number was 67

China is going to break the national record for the number of missions to put satellites, spacecraft and other vehicles into orbit.

The document of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation specifies that the corporation itself is going to carry out about 70 launches this year and put into orbit more than 290 spacecraft. The remaining 30 or so will be provided by other Chinese companies, including from a new commercial spaceport on Hainan Island. This is reported by
Xinhua News Agency, a partner of TV BRICS.

Beijing is actively developing the national space programme, developing meteorological, telecommunications and navigation satellites, as well as technologies designed for lunar exploration.

Specialists are implementing a project to explore asteroids and Mars. A PRC space station is operating in orbit and is ready for international co-operation.





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