China launched a multi-purpose satellite system into space



China launched a multi-purpose satellite system into space

This advanced satellite is specifically designed for a wide range of applications such as geological research, land resource studies, and scientific experiments

The launch took place at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi Province, utilizing the reliable Long March 6A rocket. This is reported by
China Daily, a partner of TV BRICS.

Developed by the renowned Shanghai Academy of Space Technology, the Tianhui 5 satellite aims to conduct comprehensive geological research, analyze land resources, and facilitate various scientific investigations.

The Long March 6A rocket, also created by the Shanghai Academy, features a 50-meter liquid upper stage and four side boosters using solid-fuel technology. It is propelled by two 120-ton engines that utilize a combination of liquid oxygen and kerosene, boasting a core diameter of 3.35 meters.

With a weight of 530 tons, this rocket is primarily designed to execute satellite launches into a variety of orbits, which include sun-synchronous, low-Earth, and intermediate circular orbits.

Notably, this launch serves as the 50th successful launch this year and the 494th flight overall for the Chinese Long March family of rockets, solidifying its position as the primary launch vehicle for China’s space missions.





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