China maintains mutually trusting relations with Africa



China maintains mutually trusting relations with Africa

Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister believes it is important to maintain relations with Africa

Vice-Foreign Minister Deng Li has stated that China still considers mutual cooperation with Africa necessary direction. Both states should maintain relations in the areas of: innovation, ensuring peace and stability, and fostering extensive cultural exchange, as reported by 
China Daily, a partner of TV BRICS.

Oumar Demba Ba, the diplomatic adviser to the President of Senegal, highlighted the foundation of the Africa-China relationship, which is built on friendship, mutual respect, trust, and shared benefits. Additionally, Ba underscored the effectiveness and long-lasting nature of FOCAC as a useful system. Moreover, the diplomat expressed gratitude to China for its support in the African Union’s pursuit to become a part of the G20.

Leading African officials and representatives expressed their deep appreciation for the achievements achieved through China-Africa relations and the FOCAC mechanism, and expressed their willingness to actively cooperate with China in preparing for the next FOCAC conference and promote the creation of a highly developed China-Africa community with a shared promising future.

Approximately 300 persons attended the meeting, involving representatives from China, 53 African countries and the African Union Commission.

FOCAC was launched at the initiative of China and African countries at the first Ministerial Conference in Beijing in October 2000 to respond to the challenges posed by economic globalisation and to seek common development paths.





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