China publishes document on cooperation Belt and Road



China publishes an official document on cooperation within the framework of the “Belt and Road”

It summarises the experience of implementing the megaproject over the 10 years since its inception⁠

Chinese authorities have published a white paper that presents the Belt and Road Initiative as a high-level plan to achieve international opening up and cooperation.

The document, entitled “The Belt and Road Initiative: A Key Pillar of the Global Community of Shared Future,” summarises the megaproject’s experience in the 10 years since its inception.

“In a world full of uncertainty and instability, all countries urgently need to overcome differences through dialogue and promote development through cooperation,” stresses the book.

According to the text, the trends towards multipolarity and economic globalisation, development, partnership, win-win outcomes and people’s aspirations for a better life will remain unchanged.

In the document, China emphasised that all countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative are equal participants and beneficiaries.

China is preparing to hold the Third Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum this month, with more than one hundred countries confirming their participation.

According to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is the best opportunity to mark the 10th anniversary of the initiative with an event that will be an important platform for high-quality cooperation.

“The Belt and Road”, proposed by China in 2013, is a megaproject linking various land and sea routes mainly through Asia, Africa and Europe.

Latin America and the Caribbean were later included.

The megaproject creates a trans-regional network of interconnections mainly through infrastructure investment, and also includes cooperation in various sectors of economy, society and culture, as reported by
China Daily, a partner of TV BRICS.

Xinhua News Agency




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