China sees marked increase in nature tourism with arrival of spring



China sees marked increase in nature tourism with arrival of spring

The number of tourists in Yangzhou has exceeded 30,000 per day

In Yangzhou City, in southern Jiangsu Province, Shouxihu Lake has become a magnet for tourists who flock here to admire the blooms.

The place has recorded an increase in visitors to the area, exceeding 30,000 a day, marking the beginning of the peak of spring tourism.

Demand for tours for parents and children is also on the rise, with a 3.2-fold increase from the previous month, according to reports from online travel platforms. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

Most of these programmes are short day trips, with the main aim of giving families the chance to explore nature together.

At a park surrounded by steep cliffs in southwest China’s Guizhou province, urban youths participated in outdoor sports activities such as hiking and cave exploration.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Beijing parks also held exhibitions, sales and crafts, with flowers as the main theme.

Ritan Park, for example, hosted the first Chaoyang Garden Festival and the 17th Spring Equinox Cultural Festival.

The organisers divided the venue into six sections: flower exhibition, book sale and reading, arts and crafts, cultural performances, spring-themed cafes and a large market square.

The festival included the display of red lanterns, considered a symbol of good luck, as well as exhibitions of national intangible cultural heritage, multicultural products and traditional food.





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