China’s Shenzhou-18 crewed spaceship is ready for launch



China’s Shenzhou-18 crewed spaceship is ready for launch

The Shenzhou-18 manned space mission conducted the final pre-launch tests of the spacecraft as well as a leak test of all systems

A performance test was conducted with the power on for the launch vehicle and spacecraft, and all systems at the launch complex participated in a simulated launch, including the crew. Notably, everything functioned normally. This is reported by
Xinhua News Agency.

Sandstorms and windy weather are more common in April at the Jiuquan spaceport in Gansu province, northwest China, than in other months. Because of this, meteorologists at the launch site have created a number of emergency response plans and examined data on April wind speeds from the previous ten years.

The Long March-2F (a human-rated two-stage version of the Long March 2E rocket) launch vehicle and the Shenzhou-18 manned spacecraft have arrived at the spaceport’s launch pad.

Three taikonauts participated in pre-launch testing at the Jiuquan spaceport in the Gobi Desert on April 21. They were an enormous success, according to the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. China will launch its first manned mission of the year with its scheduled launch. The following three days will be hectic for ground service personnel as well as the Shenzhou-18 taikonauts. It will be necessary to carry out a reentry capsule search before the Shenzhou-17 crew goes back to Earth.

Shenzhou-18, a brand-new human mission, will shortly depart for China’s Tiangong orbital outpost. Huang Weifen, a spokesman for the China Astronaut Research and Training Center, mentioned that the crew accomplished the pre-launch tests beautifully today. The taikonauts are in a good psychological state and have practiced all of their actions. Both with each other and the staff on Earth, they collaborate flawlessly. The objectives were accomplished.

He also added that they will go through medical examinations, psychological counselling, and an analysis of the upcoming period’s goals in order to ensure they are as ready as possible to complete the mission.

The spacecraft will be launched in the next several days.





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