Chinese researchers create six-legged guide robot for blind people

Researchers from China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) have developed an innovative six-legged robot for visually impaired people. The new robot equipped with advanced navigation and safety features.

The robot can recognise the speech of the visually impaired and respond in less than a second, moving at speeds of up to three metres per second while remaining steady and quiet.

It is able to perceive its environment, move autonomously, avoid obstacles and recognise traffic lights. In addition, thanks to its internet connection, the robot can also act as a home assistant and emergency service. This is reported by
CGTN, a partner of TV BRICS.

“The main goal of our robot is to establish effective communication with users to understand their intentions and coordinate movements,” said Professor Gao Feng from the School of Mechanical Engineering.

The robot is equipped with a multi-sensory perception system including vision, hearing and tactile senses. It uses machine learning algorithms to automatically avoid obstacles and is equipped with laser radar to enhance perception accuracy. This allows it to move smoothly over different terrain and guide the visually impaired both indoors and outdoors.

The robot is undergoing field trials involving visually impaired people.

Photo: CGTN



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