Chinese universities launch annual campaign to recruit students



Chinese universities launch annual campaign to recruit students

In a bid to overhaul the student admission system and boost key academic fields, Chinese universities have launched an annual process to recruit outstanding applicants

Introduced by the Ministry of Education in 2020, the “strengthening basic disciplines plan” is designed to recruit students who excel in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy and palaeography.

Replacing the Independent Freshers Admissions Programme (IFAP), the initiative aims to nurture professionals in critical areas such as high-tech chips, software, smart technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing and national security to support vital national strategies, according to the Department for Education. This is reported by
CCTV+, a partner of TV BRICS.

Currently, 39 renowned universities are participating in the pilot programme.

Wang Yulong, director of the Undergraduate Admissions Office of the Ocean University of China, emphasised the rigours of scientific research, stressing the need for resilience and preparedness for hardship among applicants participating in the “strengthening basic disciplines plan”.

Applications for the programme usually begin in mid to early April, with candidates taking a nationwide college entrance exam known as the Gaokao in early June. Subsequent examinations include tests, interviews, and physical examinations administered by universities.

Final recognition of successful applicants, based on Gaokao results, discipline grades, interviews, physical fitness grades and high school recommendations, is expected in July.





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