Cuba to organise international event convention on agroforestry Cuba



Cuba to organise international event convention on agroforestry Cuba 2024

There will also be congresses on forests, coffee and scientific research

In July, Cuba will host the Convention on Agroforestry Cuba 2024 , which will be attended by about 400 people, including scientists, business representatives, communicators and others from countries such as Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. 

The international event will take place from 1 to 5 July at Havana’s Palace of Congresses, which will also host a forestry congress, a cocoa and coffee congress, a meeting of young international researchers and a congress on beekeeping, according to Cronica Digital, a partner of TV BRICS. 

For his part, Pedro Pablo Henry Torriente, director of the institute organising the event, said that participants will share their vision and knowledge of agroforestry and beekeeping. 

Among the lectures and exhibitions are topics related to biodiversity, forests, climate change and production, integrated pest and disease management and sustainable agricultural production technologies.

Other topics to be discussed include plantation, soil and nutrient management; quality, processing, by-products and industry of these crops, coffee and cocoa production; beekeeping and development, genetics and biodiversity, environment and pollination, diversification of production, healthy food, international co-operation.

Photo: Cronica Digital




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