Egyptian Trade Minister discusses economic growth of craft area



Egyptian Trade Minister discusses economic growth of craft area

The main goal is to link the craft district with adjacent industrial regions

Recently, Ahmed Samir, Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, met with Khalid Sadek, Chairperson of the Urban Development Fund, to discuss how the Ministry and the fund could work together to promote the Manshiyat Naser handicraft district that is connected to the fund. This is reported by
Daily News Egypt, a partner of TV BRICS.

This industrial area contains 905 workshops of all sizes. The craft district also has an industrial development centre, a trading platform for local product sales, and a vocational school for worker training; all of these facilities support the region’s supply chain.

Samir emphasised that the area will be inspected by the Ministry of Trade and Industry commission the following week. The objective is to evaluate its requirements for technical guidance and support while maintaining adherence to industry and environmental norms. In order to accomplish the intended development objectives, the workshops will be dispersed and categorised strategically, benefiting the craft district as well as the adjacent areas.

The Minister also talked about how the Industry Renewal Center may help local garbage recycling initiatives like producing fertiliser or power. Additionally, youth from nearby communities may be able to find work in labour-intensive crafts and industries.





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