Egypt’s private sector workers to get minimum wage increase



Egypt’s private sector workers to get minimum wage increase

The law will come into effect in May

Egypt’s National Wages Council (NWC) announced a significant increase in the minimum wage to EGP 6,000 (US$126), effective from May 2024. This is a decision designed to improve the welfare of private sector workers.

This significant increase, according to Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El Said, emphasises the government’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights in a changing economic landscape, both nationally and globally. This is reported by
Daily News Egypt, a partner of TV BRICS.

El Said emphasised the need to align workers’ interests with the production requirements of businesses, especially in the face of prevailing challenges. It was reaffirmed that the government’s commitment to protect workers’ rights, ensure a decent standard of living, promote stability in enterprises and increase productivity to achieve the country’s development goals.

The progress towards the new minimum wage has been gradual. Starting from EGP 2,400 (US$50) in January 2022, the minimum wage was gradually increased to reach EGP 2,700 (US$57) in January 2023 before being raised to EGP 3,000 (U$63) in July of the same year.

Subsequently, it was raised to EGP 3,500 (US$74) in January 2024, before reaching the current increase to EGP 6,000 (US$126), covering all wage components, including employers’ social security contributions.

Labour Minister Hassan Shehata stressed that the government aims to improve the living standards of workers and create favourable working conditions, which will ultimately increase productivity that benefits both employers and employees.





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