Ethiopia approves plan to ensure food safety



Ethiopia approves plan to ensure food safety

It is one of many measures to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Ethiopian authorities have unveiled a five-year food safety plan, as reported by
ENA. The document has been approved by all stakeholders in the field. It recommends a set of measures to be taken.

Ethiopian Health Minister Dereje Duguma said the Ethiopian government is investing a lot in food safety. “I fully believe that the master plan will support us to identify the challenges and the gaps that we have to safety, and it will prioritise the actions that we are going to take over the coming five years,” he said. The head of the agency emphasised the importance of coordinating with representatives of other countries on the issue.

Heran Gerba, Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority Director General, said food quality is one of the regulator’s priorities. She emphasised the importance of establishing a system to ensure safety by monitoring the production chain “from farm to table”.

Officials agreed that food safety is closely linked to many of the Sustainable Development Goals and the African Agenda 2063.





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