Ethiopia hosts competition for Chinese language proficiency



Ethiopia hosts competition for Chinese language proficiency

The Sino-Ethiopian partnership is being developed with the participation of young people⁠

The goal of the “Chinese Bridge” language competition in Addis Ababa is to raise Ethiopian students’ proficiency in the language. This is reported by ENA.

About 11 Ethiopian students compete in this 23rd competition, which is an annual worldwide event centred around the Chinese language and performances and is vital to the development of cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Ethiopia.

They each made a statement in Mandarin, responded to two inquiries about Chinese culture, and showcased their artistic abilities in Chinese painting.

The winners will be invited to join the final competition, which takes place in China this summer.

In addition to helping Ethiopian students gain a deeper understanding of China, the “Chinese Bridge” serves as a valuable platform for fostering mutual learning and exchanges between the two ancient civilisations.





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