Ethiopia is on its way to leadership in innovative startups



Ethiopia is on its way to leadership in innovative startups

The country aims to become a continental leader in this sphere

A panel discussion was held at the Ethiopian Science Museum, where the Labor and Skill Minister Muferihat Kamil highlighted the government’s proactive approach to supporting startups.

The Minister also emphasised the crucial role of cooperation between government institutions, private sector and international partners in developing young businesses. This is reported by
ENA, a partner of TV BRICS.

For his part, Industry Minister Melaku Alebel emphasised the strategic importance of startups, especially in the technology sector.

“ICT is among the top priorities of the economic sector, and these startups will catalyze progress in other sectors,” he said.

Ethiopia is following a strategy of joint efforts between the government, private sector and startups to create a favourable environment for innovation.

With this support, the country can become a key player in the African startup market. The upcoming events are aimed at promoting innovation in the country and showcasing its potential to the world.





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