Ethiopia is set to get fresh tourism investments



Ethiopia is set to get fresh tourism investments

For those interested in tourism investments, Ethiopia is a desirable destination

Ethiopia is a viable investment option for those in the tourism industry, according to the Ethiopian Investment Commission. This was reported by

According to the commission, Ethiopia provides investment prospects in the development of specific locations as well as in the building of tourism infrastructure, such as hotels and resorts, conference centres, duty-free centres, cultural villages, and centres.

According to the source, the nation boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa, with nine to be exact. It is home to breathtaking lakes, varied cultures, vast national parks, and intriguing museums.

According to the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the exceptional Ethiopian Rift Valley, which is a portion of East African Rift Valley, is a beautiful area of volcanic lakes with enormous escarpments, breathtaking views, and renowned bird collections.

Addis Ababa has the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Union, and other national embassies, all of which contribute to the increasing number of travellers and diplomats in the city.

Investors are welcome to take part in one of Ethiopia’s largest tourism projects, which was just launched by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the towns of Gorogora, Wonchi and Koisha.





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