Ethiopia plans to add 600,000 hectares to its animal feed output



Ethiopia plans to add 600,000 hectares to its animal feed output

The region’s resilience has increased, and pastoralists receive a vital resource from the Borana Zone

The animal feed development project in the Ethiopian Borana Zone, where more than 63,000 hectares of land have been set aside for feed production, was visited by Getu Gemechu, the head of the Oromia Agriculture Bureau. This is reported by

The project is a component of a larger campaign to enhance grasslands and pastures that was started in four zones, including Borana.

This operation has provided feed to approximately 106,000 hectares of land around the region in the last three years.

The Oromia Regional Government increased the area of fodder crops to 750,000 hectares in response to the drought of the previous year.

The goal, according to Tolera Debela, Deputy Head of the Oromia Agriculture Bureau, is to cultivate fodder crops on 7 million hectares of land and supply 7,000 superior fodder seeds throughout the plains and midlands of Oromia.

In the zone, fodder is currently being developed in five woredas, and 43,000 bales of fodder have been kept in a fodder bank for use in an emergency.





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