Ethiopian farmers cultivate high-yielding coffee varieties



Ethiopian farmers cultivate high-yielding coffee varieties

High-yielding coffee types are being cultivated in greater quantities in the Oromia region

The delegation, which included representatives from the Oronia region, visited a cluster of coffee and grain farms in the Abaya Woreda of West Guji Zone. This is reported by

Grown in six of the zone’s nine zones, coffee is the primary commercial plant in the area, according to the source.

Farmers are planting better varieties of coffee in place of their older plants after receiving rigorous instruction from the local authorities.

These new coffee varieties can produce 12 quintals per hectare, which is much higher than the old variety, and they ripen for harvest in one year and eight months.

Nowadays, farmers produce a wide range of crops and vegetables to the fullest extent possible, thus enhancing their standard of living.

Furthermore, the area has prepared 350,000 hectares of land for coffee crops this year.

It was stated that, as a result, the area has set a target of obtaining 12 million quintals of coffee.





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