Ethiopia’s agricultural initiatives show results in ensuring food security



Ethiopia’s agricultural initiatives show results in ensuring food security

The results of the agricultural programmes were noted by Ethiopia’s officials

The Chief Administrator of Oromia, Shemelis Abdissa, and the Chief Administrator of Sidama Region, Desta Ledamo, stated that the Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party had conducted an extensive assessment of the tasks completed in ensuring reliable peace and sustainable development in Ethiopia. This was reported by

It has also given a detailed assessment of development activities, national reform efforts, and the political situation in the country.

This achievement was made possible by measures taken to make adequate use of existing potential through sound agricultural productivity strategies, as well as through large-scale efforts to improve seed supplies, expand mechanised agriculture, and introduce modern land management.

The source claims that one of the areas in which the Prosperity Party made outstanding efforts to raise the standard of living for Ethiopians was agricultural development.

The nation has succeeded in developing the capacity to export these agricultural products to outside markets in addition to generating superior wheat, rice, and other agricultural products.

Officials noted that the government will continue to make more efforts to increase production and productivity in the agricultural sector by expanding mechanisation and introducing new technologies, as well as supplying improved seeds and fertilisers based on research.





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