GITIS and MIIT hold a ART&IT project school



GITIS and MIIT to hold a joint ART&IT project school for students

Students will carry out projects at the intersection of engineering and theatre art

From 7 to 15 October the
Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) will hold a joint project school ART&IT for acting and engineering students. Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, came up with such an initiative at the Russian Creative Week. TV BRICS is a partner of the Russian Institute of Theatre Art.

Within the framework of the school, teachers from GITIS will hold master classes on acting, stage speech and stage movement, and teachers from RUT (MIIT) – on developing web products and working with VR technologies. Students will carry out projects at the intersection of engineering and theatre art. In addition, there will be lectures on cultural history, effective analysis of the play and the role of Maria Knebel.

From GITIS the school will be attended by Tatiana Morozova, Senior Lecturer of the Actor’s Mastery Department, Tatiana Vasilieva, Senior Lecturer of the Stage Speech Department, and Robert Elkibaev, Senior Lecturer of the Stage Plastics Department. From RUT (MIIT) – Roman Tarusov, Director of the Centre for Students’ Project Activities, Alexander Novikov, Deputy Director of the Centre, Arseniy Meleshchuk, specialist of the Centre, Nikolay Lyubavin, Senior Lecturer of the Academy “Higher Engineering School” and Artem Zakirchenko associate professor of the Academy.

The participants of the school are students of the second and third years of the Russian Institute of Theatre Art and the Russian University of Transport. The school will result in stage productions and digital portfolios of actors with advanced visual content created by mixed teams.

The school will help engineering students to develop public speaking skills and learn to find creative approaches to solving engineering problems, while student actors will develop skills in working with digital visualisation tools and gain experience of immersion in the engineering environment of designing and creating collaborative products. The ART&IT school aims to foster out-of-the-box thinking in university students and an understanding of the conventionality of professional boundaries.

“For GITIS, the joint school with RUT (MIIT) is a new, unfamiliar, partly crazy and for a combination of reasons – definitely interesting. In terms of content it seems to be something from the field of additional education, but in terms of substance (we really hope so) the few days that our students and our teachers will spend under one roof are going to be a source of inspiration for each of the participants of the ART&IT school. We will be happy if, when they return to Moscow, someone, without putting it off, and someone – in months or even years – will come up with something new and unlike anything so far in the field of theatre or will move engineering thought decisively and in an unexpected direction”

Grigory Zaslavsky Rector of GITIS

“ART&IT is a unique in format and significance project created at the intersection of two industries – art and technology. It is not just additional education in the field of creative industries, but communication, exchange of experience and best practices between students of two leading universities, a kind of synthesis of engineering and theatre approach to the development of their creative thinking,” said Rector of RUT (MIIT) Alexander Klimov.

Photo: press service of GITIS




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