GITIS School to be held for the first time in Chile



GITIS School to be held for the first time in Chile

GITIS teachers will introduce Russian theatre school to Chilean actors

In Santiago, the capital of Chile, from 19 to 22 October for the first time will be held the GITIS School on methods of theatre education. The project is supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Volnoe Delo Foundation and the Public Council under Rossotrudnichestvo. TV BRICS is the information partner of the school.

As part of the school, GITIS teachers will conduct master classes in acting and stage movement. The school will be attended by Taras Belousov, Dean of the Acting Faculty of GITIS, Senior Lecturer of the Acting Department, and Aidar Zakirov, Professor, Head of the Stage Plastics Department of GITIS, honoured artist of the Russian Federation.

During the trainings the teachers will be assisted by students of the acting faculty of GITIS, Vladimir Andreev’s Workshop. In addition, Marina Kiryushkina, Vice-Rector for General Affairs and Project Management, will represent GITIS in Santiago.

The participants of the GITIS School will be students of the Theatre School of Finis Terrae University, the University of Chile and members of the acting associations Chileactores and Sidarte. GITIS teachers will introduce the Chilean actors to the Russian theatre school, talk about Konstantin Stanislavski’s system and give them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice during master classes.

“Today we are blazing a new trail and hope that our master classes and the GITIS School, the largest theatre institute in Europe, celebrating its 145th anniversary this year, will be useful for Chilean actors and students of the largest private theatre academy. We are bringing to Chile what we are proud of: the Stanislavski school and method, which is proving its usefulness today with the successes of Russian, and not only Russian, actors. We hope that this first visit will be the beginning of many years of cooperation” – Grigory Zaslavskiy, rector of GITIS.

The GITIS School in Chile will be held as part of the Priority-2030 strategic academic leadership programme.

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