How is Russian culture maintained in Argentina? Part 2.

Radio has always been one of the tools for bringing cultures closer together. In Argentina, which has a large population of people from many different countries, these kinds of bridges are very important. For 31 years now, the “Mir” radio programme dedicated to Russian culture has been broadcast in the country. Its founder was Juan Skripniuk, and since 2009 the producers and presenters are Elsa Tarasiuk and Susana Horowy, as reported by
Ahora San Juan, a partner of TV BRICS in Argentina.

The programme is informative, educational and entertaining in nature. The programme is broadcast in Spanish and partly in Russian.

“We talk about the events organised at Casa de Rusia (Russian House) in Buenos Aires, about history, artists, writers, cuisine and everything related to Russian culture, and you can also hear national music in the programme,” notes Susana Horowy.

The programme’s audience has grown beyond Argentina: the programme is heard in North America and Europe, in China and Russia, and in other countries.

The activities of the creators of the “Mir” programme have been repeatedly recognised for their contribution to the rapprochement of cultures: over the years they have been awarded various prizes at the national and regional levels.

“We get a lot of appreciative feedback and it inspires us to continue what we are doing,” concluded Susana Horowy.

The “Mir” programme is broadcast on Thursdays from 20:00 to 21:00 on FM 88.9 Unión de radios. You can also listen to it on the website.

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