India and Nigeria agreed to strengthen exchanges and co-operation in energy sector



India and Nigeria agreed to strengthen exchanges and co-operation in energy sector

India’s foreign minister has paid an official visit to Nigeria

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said India and Nigeria have agreed to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and co-operate in energy, mobility and other sectors.

He presided over the sixth meeting of the India-Nigeria Joint Commission in Abuja along with his counterpart Yusuf Tuggar. The policymakers discussed opportunities for the two countries in energy, renewable energy, transport, healthcare, fintech, agriculture and security.

In a social media post, Jaishankar also highlighted the increased economic co-operation, especially trade and investment. The minister said the global agenda today is to restore balance and multi-polarity and return the world to its natural diversity.

Speaking at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs in Lagos on the theme “India and the Global South”, he said the transformation over the last decade has made India an example and partner for the Global South.

“If there are some big geopolitical bets India is taking, is on the rise of Africa. We are betting that in the next decade, we are going to see amazing transformation here. Whether it is opening more embassies, encouraging more trade and investments, creating more opportunities for political contacts, getting the system to know each other more,” the Indian foreign minister emphasised. This is reported by
ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.

India and Nigeria have traditionally enjoyed close friendly relations. This is the first visit by an Indian foreign minister to Nigeria and will further strengthen relations between the two countries, the foreign ministry said in a release.





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