India holds discussions on tourism rules for Antarctica



India holds discussions on tourism rules for Antarctica

More than 350 delegates from 40 countries are discussing tourism rules for Antarctica for the first time in India

The global meeting is being held until 30 May, coinciding with the 26th meeting of the Environment Committee, to work out rules given the growing number of visitors to the coldest part of the planet.

M. Ravichandran has assumed charge as Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciencesand head of the Indian delegation, said Antarctica represents one of the last frontiers of nature and scientific discovery.

It is a collective responsibility, he said, to ensure that all activities, including research and tourism, are carried out in such a way that its ecological integrity is preserved for future generations.

He noted that his country was honoured to host the first discussions on tourism, which he described as crucial in terms of developing a set of practical recommendations that would be incorporated into the broader framework of the Antarctic Treaty System.

He also said that measures should be developed to ensure sustainable and responsible development of this unique and pristine region. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

He emphasised that India was in favour of a comprehensive, proactive and effective precautionary tourism policy.





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