India to host a global conference on artificial intelligence



India to host a global conference on artificial intelligence

It will discuss future research directions, investment opportunities and AI talent development

India AI 2023, a global conference to be held in October this year, will bring together the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) players, researchers, startups and investors.

The meeting, organised by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, is scheduled for 14-15 October and will focus on topics such as next-generation learning and fundamental models of AI, applications of the technology in healthcare, management and next-generation electric vehicles.

In addition, future research directions, computational systems, investment opportunities and talent development in AI will be discussed.

India’s Minister of State for Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Electronics and Information Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar emphasised that the government intends to bring together top talent to discuss the future of AI and its impact on various sectors.

The conference will also serve as a showcase for India’s achievements in this field.

The Asian country already has projects like India Datasets and IndiaAI Futuredesign for startups and IndiaAI FutureSkills for talent development.

Chandrashekhar highlighted the critical role of working groups that work closely with industry, startups and academic partners.

These groups presented a holistic framework for the IndiaAI initiative, including governance, computing and systems, data, innovation and skills, which will form an integral part of the agenda for the upcoming conference.

According to the minister, the main objective is to provide a collaborative and participatory approach, to direct AI to improve governance, transform people’s lives, create global partnerships and shape the global technology landscape, as reported by Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.





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