India uses artificial intelligence to treat cancer



India uses artificial intelligence to treat cancer

Traditional techniques for treating diseases are no longer the only options

Health experts stated that artificial intelligence (AI) is making major advancements in cancer therapy, assisting physicians and patients in achieving better outcomes. This was reported by
IANS, a partner of TV BRICS.

AI is vital for developing novel pharmaceuticals and for prognosticating treatment outcomes, according to medical specialists. It may also help in the advancement of customised medical care.

The source claims that AI is no longer restricted to radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or targeted therapy. It has significant effects on biomedical cancer research as well as radiodiagnostics. AI is being used in biomedical cancer research to help develop novel medications and therapies.

Artificial intelligence-based computer vision models are utilised in radio imaging techniques to forecast the risk of cancer and diagnose diseases early. Treatment outcomes are significantly impacted by early disease identification.

Artificial intelligence in computer surgery and robotic surgery analysis improves patient comfort, safety, and precision during surgical procedures.

Experts are confident that in the future, predictive models can be developed to assess the patient’s response to specific treatment regimens.

To guarantee patient safety, specialists contend that rigorous testing of the models’ correctness and dependability is necessary.

Regardless of the artificial intelligence models utilised, doctors always have the final say when it comes to clinical treatment because the only way to guarantee monitoring when employing artificial intelligence is to keep a person informed of events.





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