India’s coal production grew by 12.81 per cent



India’s coal production grew by 12.81 per cent

Total coal reserves reached 53.23 million tonnes

India’s coal production has seen a significant boost, with a notable rise of 12.81% recorded during the current fiscal year until 28 October, surpassing last year’s figures for the same period. The country now boasts an impressive total coal reserve of 53.23 million tons. This is reported by the
official website of the Government of India.

This remarkable growth has been achieved through the Ministry of Coal Industry’s proactive approach in implementing measures to improve mineral production within coal companies that possess excellent logistical infrastructure. In just the past 15 days, the daily coal production from all sources has exceeded 26.40 thousand tons, emphasizing the country’s capacity to meet the growing demand. Additionally, there has been a positive trend in the dynamics of coal stocks at thermal power plants, signifying that the supplies now surpass consumption levels.

Traditionally, coal production and transportation tend to decline in the first half of the year due to adverse weather conditions and seasonal factors. However, as the monsoon season concludes, mining and transportation conditions become more favorable, resulting in an excess of coal supply in the second half of the year. Consequently, power plants and mines accumulate coal reserves during this period.

To ensure an ample supply of solid fuel, the Ministry of Coal maintains a strong collaboration with the Ministry of Railways and Power. This commitment towards meeting the nation’s energy requirements is evident on the official website of the Government of India.





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