India’s largest celebration of startup ecosystem begins



India’s largest celebration of startup ecosystem begins

The event featured an opening speech emphasising the importance of startups

The event kicked off at Bharat Mandapam and will last for three days. The importance of startups to the Indian economy was emphasised in the inaugural speech.

The first day of the event was filled with various events and sessions including AI + SaaS, D2C/consumer brands, agritech, fintech, deep tech, biotech and pharma, incubators, climate, cyber sports and B2B manufacturing. All of them took place in 10 pavilions. This is reported by
ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.

The Climate Pavilion hosted meetings, keynote speeches and exhibitions.

Participants emphasised the importance of accessible, affordable and sustainable energy. The panellists shared their thoughts on the leading role of corporates in driving sustainable development.

The event is attended by startups, bigness personalities, CEOs of large companies and others





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