International premiere of the TV BRICS film ” Magadan Silver” to take place at DepiMedia, South Africa.

On Thursday, 24 August, TV BRICS International Media Network’s documentary “Magadan Silver” will premiere on DepiMedia, South Africa. After the Russian premiere, the film has been dubbed into English and will soon be shown to an international audience.

The new project “Magadan Silver” tells about shift workers who work in the Far North. Filming took place in the Magadan region, where the largest silver deposit in Russia is located. It is also the third largest in the world.The author of the film is Ksenia Komissarova, editor-in-chief of TV BRICS.

She noted that this is the third film of the TV BRICS team about the mining industry after the projects “Gold” and “More precious than gold”. The film crew saw the Albazino and Svetloe deposits in Khabarovsk Krai, while in Magadan region they visited the Dukat and Lunnoye deposits.

“Each time it is impressive how clearly and harmoniously the production itself is organised. But the most bright emotions come from meeting people who contribute to the development of the Russian industry. In the project “Magadan Silver” we wanted to show the faces of these people, tell their stories, ask about their families and hobbies. We hope that the South African audience will enjoy the film, which we believe is interesting thanks to its characters.

Ksenia KomissarovaEditor-in-chief of TV BRICS

Looking forward to the premiere, DepiMedia CEO Shalen Singh shared his expectations for the film’s screening.

“Johannesburg being the “City of Gold” we now urge the South African audience to learn about the “City of Silver” Magadan, which has the largest Silver reserves in Northern Russia and is the 3rd largest Silver reserve in the world. The premiere of the project “Magadan Silver” in South Africa will take place on 24 August. Immerse yourself in the poignant storytelling and breathtaking visuals as we take you on a captivating journey across the Far North of Russia,” he said.

Previously, the documentary had its big premiere on TV BRICS on the Wink service on 17 April 2023. The film was also presented during the Street Film Festival, which recently took place in the Sakhalin capital and attracted around 500,000 fans of this format.


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