Iran exports batch of eggs to Russia for the first time



Iran exports batch of eggs to Russia for the first time

The republic plans to increase production of this product

Iran will send a batch of eggs to Russia for the first time next week, said Hamidreza Kashani, chairman of the republic’s poultry farmers’ union.

“The first batch of eggs (to Russia) will be sent next week,” said Hamidreza Kashani.

Kashani hopes that Iran’s exports to Russia will get better thanks to Islamic Republic President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Moscow on 7 December and the signing of an agreement to establish a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries and Iran. This is reported by
IRNA, a partner of TV BRICS.

He noted that now “strict quarantine measures and sanitary requirements are in place in Russia.” The official specified that this year it is planned to export from 150,000 to 160,000 tonnes of these products.

The official said that in 1402 local calendar year (March 21, 2023 – March 19, 2024), egg production reached 1,300,000 tonnes, which is 400,000 tonnes more than the previous year’s result.

The target of Iranian enterprises this year is 1 million 400,000, Kashani noted.

In December 2023, according to Rosstat data (Federal State Statistics Service), the price of hen eggs in Russia rose by 18 per cent in comparison with the previous month, while in annual terms they rose by 61.35 per cent.





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