Iran plans to launch seven flare gas initiatives



Iran plans to launch seven flare gas initiatives

As a result of the increased supply of raw materials, more goods will be produced

The US$400 million flare gas utilisation projects will be completed in the first half of the current Iranian calendar year, which will end on March 20, 2025. This is reported by
Tehran Times, a partner of TV BRICS.

The commencement of the project will result in the elimination of 16 flare gas plants in the East Karoon region, and up to 250 million cubic feet of gas will be collected for the production of raw materials.

The above-mentioned projects are part of the master plan “Renovation and Construction of Gas Collection Facilities” being implemented by Iran’s Petroleum Ministry.

7 of the 27 projects in this plan, totaling about US$400 million, will be completed and commissioned in the first half of this year.

According to the source, the commissioning of these projects in the second half of this year will allow sixteen gas flares to be extinguished and add 250 million cubic metres of gas to the current feedstock capacity of the Persian Gulf Bidboland Gas Refinery.





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